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Metta World Peace Clobbers Jeremy Lin With Elbow To Neck.

Metta World Peace clobbers Jeremy Lin with elbow.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It is tough to call World Peace’s wild elbows that keep landing on opponent’s necks and heads accidental. He gets called for a flagrant on this one and leaves Lin trying to figure out what just happened. 

Metta World Peace’s elbow claimed its’ next victim in Jeremy Lin Sunday night. At least this time World Peace attempted to play it off like it was an accident even if he was called for the flagrant foul. Perhaps the most entertaining part of the entire incident is the announcer going off on World Peace (see video below).

The play involved World Peace going for a layup when he was fouled by Jeremy Lin to prevent the easy bucket. Nothing exciting here, but then World Peace whips around and wildly hits Lin in the neck/throat for no apparent reason besides he’s World Peace and seems to continually have problems with accidentally clobbering people. The refs quickly rush in as both teams come in to make sure their player is ok. 

Some news outlets are saying it looks accidental, but I’d say judge for yourself. Black Sports Online even went so far as to question, ” If Lin will blame his race on getting hit in the face?” Huh? This comment from BSO is one of the most absurd comments from a supposed news outlet we’ve ever heard. Neither player nor any reputable news outlets have mentioned race in regard to the incident.

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