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Rondo, Humphries ejected after brawl, Rondo’s assist streak comes to an end

Breaking news:  Boston Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo and Nets big man Kris Humphries have been ejected from the Nets-Celtics game in Boston tonight.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Rondo didn’t have 10 assists at the time of his ejection, and that means, his streak is over.

ESPN just broke the news moments ago that a brawl broke out between Celtics and Nets players in Boston when Kris Humphries hammered Kevin Garnett with a pretty hard foul in the second quarter to which Rondo retaliated by shoving Humphries into the stands.  The brawl that ensued resulted in the ejections of both Humphries and Rondo and this all happened in the last minute of the half!

The most significant aspect of this breaking story is that Rondo had six points, three assists and two steals at the time of ejection; which means that unfortunately for him, his streak of 37 games with 10 or more assists has come to an end.

Rondo had been chasing the assist record of 46 games with 10 or more assists that is currently held by Lakers legend, Irving “Magic” Johnson.  Johnson had that remarkable streak during the 1983-84 season.

I like Rondo, and there’s no question he’s one of the premier point guards in the league.  He’s an amazing player and has been having a ridiculous year so far.  But let’s face it, he’s always been a bit of a punk; that’s how he plays.  I actually give him credit for standing up on behalf of his teammate.  I like that.  But when you play chippy like that, it can come back and bite you in the ass.  And tonight is a perfect example of Rondo letting his emotions get the best of him and fumbling an opportunity to make history as a result.

With the talent level and youth that Rondo possesses, It’s very possible that he bounces back and puts himself in position to make another run at history.  

Unfortunately for the Celtics point guard, that history won’t be in the near future.

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