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Brawl Breaks Out In Boston vs Brooklyn Game.

The Boston vs. Brooklyn rivalry is official as brawl gets 3 players ejected.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Rondo starts a fight he should be glad never finished.

The arrival of the Boston vs. Brooklyn rivalry is officially upon us. Things had been getting chippy throughout the first half and a massive Kris Humphries rejection of Rajon Rondo minutes before probably didn’t help matters any (see video below). 

The fight was essentially started by Rajon Rondo that took offense to a foul on Kevin Garnett (video below). That’s right, the player that started the fight wasn’t even involved in the play. Some people are trying to spin this to look like what a great teammate Rondo is for standing up for Garnett, but the reality is probably Rondo was extremely frustrated and was just picking a fight. 

The reality is the foul on Garnett wasn’t even that hard of a foul. Anyone that’s played basketball has been fouled worse than this every game. This fight wasn’t about retaliation against Humphries horrible cheap-shot foul. It was about Rondo simply getting frustrated. 

This fight ended up resulting in Rajon Rondo being ejected for starting the fight, Kris Humphries being ejected for fighting, Wallace getting a technical which was his second so he was ejected and Kevin Garnet getting a technicall. Essentially, both teams got the same punishment. They both had one player ejected and one player getting a technical foul.

Possibly the funniest part of the whole video are the Boston announcers that cheer on Rondo and the fight. Way to set an example fellas. We talk about our professional athletes being bad role models, but these two announcers making light of an absurd fight is pretty much the same childish behavior. 

I say we should let our NBA players fight it out like hockey players. Then little guards would probably think twice before picking fights with power forwards they would never want to really fight. NBA fights can occasionally be violent, but often mimic the lets all shove and push and pretend we want to fight scrums of teh MLB. This pretend fight in Boston was one of those. 

Oh, there was some scratching though. I didn’t know men fought with their finger nails, but that’s apparently what NBA fights look like these days. Pictures of the finger nail scratches Rondo put on Humphries below. I wonder if he pulled his hair too?

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