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Derek Fisher To Sign With Dallas Mavericks

On Thursday, the Dallas Mavericks announced the signing of point guard Derek Fisher.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Does he have anything left? 

How much will "D Fish" and his experience go in terms of developing the stable of young point guards that the Mavericks have, namely Rodrique Beaubois, Darren Collison, Dominique Jones and Jared Cunningham? According to Collison, he doesn’t feel threatened at all by the acquisition. In fact, he sees that it could help his career.

"I think his leadership will help," Collison said. "He’s a veteran guy that’s been around the NBA for a very, very long time. I think he’s going to help me grow into the player I want to be, and he’s going to help this team grow."

As far as bringing in a veteran point guard, there probably isn’t another player in the league who has had as much success as a leader on the floor. Fisher’s success in Los Angeles is well-documented and the four rings he won tells you everything you need to know about his career. Additionally, playing in the Finals last year as a member of the OKC Thunder shows that he still knows what it takes to win. This will be Fisher’s 17th season in the league. Of the previous 16 NBA season, he averaged double digits in seven of them.

He was a first round pick all the way back in 1996. Though everyone remembers him as a Laker, Fisher spent two years in Golden State and one year in Utah that seems like it never happened. Those three years were the most productive scoring stretch of his career which shows he has at times in his career been more than just a facilitator. But can he do that again in Dallas? Head coach Rick Carlisle thinks so.


"Right now the point guard position is a challenge for us and I think Derek can help us," Carlisle said. "I think we’ve been talking to him (for some time), but we wanted to see how this was going to go (with guards on the roster), so that’s where we are. I don’t see him as a cure-all to all the challenges that we have as a team. But a guy with that kind of experience can help."

So, do you think Derek Fisher has anything left? Or is this just a waste of a roster spot for the Mavs?

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