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Andrew Bynum Sued For Being Bad Neighbor

Isn’t that headline hysterical?

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: A couple from Los Angeles is trying to prove it’s true.

Here is an excerpt from the actual lawsuit:

“Bynum has demonstrated open contempt for the Becketts specifically and for the neighborhood generally by blasting loud, profane, and disrespectful music and video games at window-shaking volumes; by letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood; by apparently engaging in illegal drug use and permitting marijuana smoke to drift into the Becketts’ backyard; by constructing a fence on his property which is not in compliance with the community codes and regulations; by conspicuously brandishing firearms in an attempt to threaten and intimidate the Becketts in retaliation for their legitimate complaints; and, perhaps most seriously, by recklessly racing his luxury cars through the neighborhood at dangerous speeds where children or others could be injured or killed.”

What a strange year for Bynum. With all the mileage and bad press, it’s hard to believe the guy is only 25 years old. I don’t know Bynum, so I have no idea what kind of a person he is, but has anyone ever heard a single positive thing about him? Maybe all this negativity is the result of him being thrown into the NBA fire sooner than any player ever, in the history of the NBA. That’s right; when Bynum debuted, he was the youngest person to ever play in the NBA at 18 years, six days old. When he was drafted by the Lakers, he was a tender 17 years, 244 days old making him the youngest player to ever be drafted, beating Jermaine O’Neal’s previous record by 12 days. Talk about the ultimate man-child! Can you imagine being seven feet tall at age 17? That is just insane.

So while physically gifted from a very early age, the maturity takes a little longer to develop- and I don’t mean that as a slight to Bynum, that is just a fact. Thank god Facebook, Twitter and essentially the internet didn’t exist when I was 17 and I wasn’t even a week away from my first NBA game like he was. I’d make Bynum look like Pat Sajak.

Hopefully Andrew Bynum can get healthy and get back on the court. He’s got to be looking forward to the attention being back on his game.

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