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Tim Duncan And Tony Parker In Serious Trouble Over This Scandalous Photo.

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker in trouble for this joke caught on camera and we’ve got the pic.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This is horrible timing for the Spurs and I doubt David Stern can take a joke. (full pic inside)

The Spurs are in the midst of one of their worst public relation weeks ever and it just got deeper. They are on the heels of being fined $250,000 by David Stern for not playing their Big Three and now have a photo scandal to defuse. Most of the NBA thought Stern had lost his mind for fining the Spurs simply for resting their players, but now with this photo surfacing he’s got something real.

It is no secret that David Stern isn’t a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs. He doesn’t particularly favor smaller market teams to begin with and definitely doesn’t appreciate Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan’s low key approach to a league built on flash and hype. 

Luckily for the Spurs, Stern hasn’t had anything tangible to go after them with, but with this new photo of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker holding plastic guns up to someone dressed like referee Joey Crawford that all changes. This was a harmless Halloween photo, but it is clearly not meant for national consumption.

As most NBA fans will remember Joey Crawford is the referee that ejected Tim Duncan from a came for laughing. This ended up getting Crawford suspended from the league. Crawford and the Spurs have had a contentious relationship for years with San Antonio fans claiming he hates the Spurs and intentionally doesn’t give them calls. I wouldn’t expect any close calls going San Antonio’s way now. Hope everyon had fun on Halloween and you better pray Crawford’s not officiating your playoff games. 


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