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Dirk Nowitzki Out Until Next Year

This isn’t what Dallas fans wanted to hear.

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Dirk himself had originally mentioned the middle of December as a possible return date from seemingly minor offseason knee injury. Now it looks like it will be 2013 at the earliest. Yesterday, Dirk himself made the following comments.

“It is better,” Nowitzki said. “But now, obviously, not doing anything for six weeks, there’s a lot of strength that you lose. Your quad muscle gets weak. And so the last week or so we increased the work load and tried to get the quad strength back.

“We said from the beginning the only way I could get back on the court was when the swelling is gone and the quad strength is back. And so we got a long way to go.

“Now, it’s already December 5th. I don’t think middle of December is happening now to be honest. That was my goal a couple weeks ago. But the swelling was in there too long and it held me back too long and I couldn’t start working soon enough.”

First Dirk giveth, then, Dirk taketh away. And remember even after he is cleared to practice/play, it’s still going to take at least a week to get back into game shape and feel comfortable using the knee or making cuts taking jumpers, etc.

We’ve seen in the past many a time how a seemigly innocuous knee injury can steal a players spring and agility. Could it be that Dirk will never again be the same player? Believe it or not, this will be Dirk’s 15th season. And sad to say, he isn’t a robot. At some point his body is going to give out; have we reached that point now?

Without Dirk, Dallas has a lot of question marks. 

How much longer can OJ Mayo average almost 20 points per game? HIs career average is 15.5 ppg. Other than him, who do they have that has anything left? Elton Brand sure looks done. Eddy Curry, Troy Murphy same thing. How much can D Fisher really give you?

Once Dirk comes back, it should presumably make everyone look better. But what if it doesn’t?

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