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Seinfeld Celebrates With Johnson and Nets On 2OT Game Winner (video)

Seinfeld celebrates with Johnson on his 2OT game winner over Detroit. (We got the video.)

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Even Newman can’t ruin a Joe Johnson game winner for Seinfeld and the Nets.

This was a game that seemed like it would never end. It was also a game the Brooklyn Nets were surprised to be as difficult as it became, considering they were going up against the 7-19 Detroit Pistons. It was tied up after regulation and after the first over time, but with a little pull back isolation play with Joe Johnson over Prince the Nets pulled off the 108-105 win.

The refs went to the replay to make sure the ball had left Johnson’s hand before the buzzer and we were able to catch a few moments of Jerry Seinfeld enjoying the Brooklyn victory just as much as the players on the court. I don’t know for sure that Seinfeld is a Nets fan, but he definitely appeared to be at this game. He’s certainly no Spike Lee with the Knicks or Jack Nicholson with the Lakers, but maybe now that the Nets are in Brooklyn and building up their own celebrity following behind names like Jay-Z and Beyonce, he will claim them as his own. Either way, this was one night Joe Johnson, Jerry Seinfeld, and Brooklyn Nets fans could celebrate. 

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