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John Wall Could Miss Entire Season

Without John Wall the Wizards are off to their worst start (3-18) in franchise history.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Which is saying something because they’ve started 4-17 four times.


After a recent interview, Wall didn’t really clear anything up about his injury status; other than he isn’t currently at 100%. When asked if he could miss the entire season, Wall deftly played off the loaded question.

“I’m not thinking like that,” Wall said. “Hopefully the time I’ve taken off and the shots I got and the treatment I’ve been getting is helping me get healthy so I can play basketball this season. You don’t want to miss a whole season. If it comes to it, you have to, but I’m trying not to think that far ahead.”

But no matter how he plays it off, the rumor is that he could miss the entire season. Wall admitted Monday he has developed cartilage damage underneath his left patella. So far he’s missed three months because of what was described as a non-traumatic stress injury.

In two years as a pro, Wall has averaged over 16 ppg and 8 apg. His shooting woes have been well-documented (41.6% from the floor, 23.6% from three point-land) but without Wall, Washington’s offense is dead in the water.

“That must be a good sign,” Wall said, about a gradually increasing practice workload. “Before there was so much pain you couldn’t even run on it. I couldn’t stretch my leg out at one point. It’s been getting better. I just got to take my time and see where it goes from there.”

At this point, would you risk hurrying John Wall back into the lineup? Or would you chalk it up as a lost season and move on?

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