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Tyson Chandler and Joakim Noah Ejected For Getting Scrappy

Tyson Chandler and Joakim Noah get ejected as Knicks and Bulls get chippy.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Nothing like a a game with a little scrap to it. I love me a rivalry.

With under five minutes remaining in the game and the Bulls beating the crap out of the Knicks 97-81 on their home court things got chippy. The game had been physical throughout and the Knicks clearly thought they were not getting the same calls the Bulls had been getting. In fact, Carmelo Anthony had been ejected just minutes before this fight broke out for his second technical foul in the game.

Things boiled over when Joakim Noah and Tyson Chandler mixed it up going for a rebound. It appears Chandler was largely the instigator, but Noah definitely didn’t back away from the physical action either which lead to the dual eject. (See video clip below)

Both Joakim Noah and Tyson Chandler were ejected from the game and the Bulls went on to win 110-106, but the game was truly not that close. The Bulls appear to have the Knicks number this season. Although New York has a solid regular season record at 19-7, the question is whether they are built to go deep into the playoffs or if they’re simply a regular season team that can’t get past real championship talent when it counts. Chicago at 15-10 certainly have the formula for beating the Knicks figured out and it appears to be physical play.

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