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Merry Christmas: Here’s a Jerry Stackhouse Dunk For You

No, it’s not April Fool’s or the joke would be too obvious.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: It’s Christmas and "Stack" didn’t want you to forget about him.


Looking for a last minute gift idea for a hard to shop for sports fan on your list? Then send them this link of Jerry Stackhouse throwing down a two-handed dunk for the first time anyone can remember in recent memory.

Yes, it’s that Jerry Stackhouse. And yes, he is still playing. And yes, he can still dunk even though he is nearly 50. Okay, he’s not nearly 50 but it sure feels like he ought to be by now.

With the way the NBA manipulates the salary cap for trade purposes, it isn’t that surprising to see a known name player who is past his prime (or never reached it) involved in a trade or completing a roster as basically a space filler for salary cap purposes. Eddy Curry is the epitome of this. But what is surprising, is to see said type of player actually playing productive minutes and in the case of Stackhouse, dunking like it’s 1998.

Stack has actually had a surprisingly successful start ot the 2012-13 season with the Brooklyn Nets (his fourth team in four years), especially from downtown. In a three game stretch at the end of November this year, he went a combined 10 of 13 from three point land. He’s actually shooting .389% from downtown this season, the highest of his career. In just over 17 minutes, in this his 18th season, he’s averaging 6.6 ppg and is jacking up 5.7 shots per game. In case who you forgot who Stackhouse was at one point in his career, check this out:

It makes me feel good to know that Stack is still out there, throwing it down at the end of games as if he will never stop. For as he ages, and as all of our sports stars of yesterday age, it means we are getting older, people. And who wants to admit that? The longer Jerry Darnell Stackhouse is out there being productive, the longer we stay young in our "Cacoon"-ish time capsules.

Keep firing away, Stack. 


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