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Trade Rumor: DeMarcus Cousins Heading To Washington

Trade Rumor: DeMarcus Cousins could be heading to Washington or one of these 3 teams very soon.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Everyone saw this coming. Cousins has worn out his welcome in Sacramento.

Trade Rumor: DeMarcus Cousins Heading To Washington

The rumors around the future of DeMarcus Cousins have been in high gear ever since his fight with coach Smart earlier in the season that led to his suspension indefinitely from the Sacramento Kings. The reality is Cousins has worn out his welcome in Sacramento. The coach, management, and likely team have had just about enough of Cousins attitude and it is probably best that he is traded to a team willing to assume the responsibility of baby sitting Cousins.

This is a player that clearly believes his own hype. Cousins is a solid NBA player, but he’s got the attitude of Zeus. Yet with 16.3 PPG and 9.5 RPB many NBA teams still find him attractive.

Cousins recently fired his agent and hired Dan Fegan to represent him. Fegan is also the agent for John Wall, Cousins’ former teammate back with Kentucky. Currently Wall plays for Washington who it is rumored Cousins wants to be traded to. This would certainly be a move in that direction.

Publicly, Cousins is claiming he doesn’t want to be traded, but privately it is all but a done deal. The team he is most likely to end up with is Washington, but Boston, Houston, and Detroit are also in the running. The most interesting situation might be if he ended up with Houston in terms of actually impacting a team’s chances to win, but any team taking a chance on this big man must be willing to also watch him self-implode as his track record suggests.

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