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Magic Johnson thinks the Lakers should trade Dwight Howard

Magic Johnson just made it clear (on National TV) that if he was Lakers CEO Jim Buss, he would trade Dwight Howard.
Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  It’s very obvious that Magic isn’t the biggest fan of this Lakers team.  And rightfully so.

It all went down Wednesday night during the NBA on ESPN pregame show.  The show is hosted by Mike Wilbon from Pardon The Interruption and features commentary from fellow NBA analysts including Magic, Jalen Rose, and Boston-bred sports writer, Bill Simmons.
As the first game of Wednesday’s ESPN headline NBA matchups features the Houston Rockets at the Dallas Mavericks, the gang got to talking about the Mavs; in particular, what Mark Cuban should do to build a better team in Dallas.  Cuban recently stated that he’s willing to go out and spend some money to get better players, which is most likely what prompted the discussion, but Magic immediately offered up his opinion on what Cuban should do and was not shy with his commentary.
“If I’m Mark Cuban, I would say this, I would call Jim Buss and say look, ‘I’ve always wanted Dwight Howard.  Can we make a deal before the trade deadline?'”  He went on to say, “Because you know once the summer comes, Mark is going to go after him anyway.  But if he gets him in a trade, he can pay him more money and maybe he’ll stay.  Because Atlanta’s going to try and get Dwight Howard.  I think New Jersey’s going to be in play and and try to get him so Mark Cuban, go after him!  And give away everyone but Dirk.  That’s what I would do.”
But even though it was a bold statement to make, everyone else seemed to be on board.  Bill Simmons even chimed in to say something to the effect that Cuban should call Buss like he would call a fellow aloof fantasy basketball opponent and try to steal Dwight Howard, alluding to the fact that Buss is kind of clueless and could easily be swayed into making a bad deal.
Long time NBA baller Jalen Rose piggybacked on Magic’s comments in complete agreement.  Rose almost looked shocked that Magic would make such a bold claim on the air and even went on to say that when he suggested trading Howard “a lot of people got upset.”  Regardless, he was right there to back up Magic’s claim and made it clear that he also thought the Lakers should look into trading Dwight.
But is anyone really surprised?  Johnson, who is deeply connected to the Lakers organization, has been critical of the team all season.  The purple and gold may have won their last two games, but they are 17-21 overall this year.  And with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the starting lineup, their performance so far has been beyond a disappointment.
The Lakers will look to win their third straight against Lebron James and the Miami Heat Thursday night.
But what do you Hoopsvibers, think??  Should the Lakers look into trading Dwight so soon after they traded for him?  We’d love to hear your comments below.


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