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Lebron James takes shot at NBA owners on Twitter

Lebron James shared a few thoughts about NBA team owners via Twitter earlier today in light of hearing the news regarding the sale of the Sacramento Kings.
Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Players like Lebron are going to speak their mind from time to time.

Upon learning that the Kings would be selling the team to a group of Seattle-based investors for $525 million, Lebron James took to his Twitter account to express his opinion of the news, Yardbarker.com reported earlier Monday.
And Lebron didn’t seem to think too highly of the deal.
James tweeted, “So the Kings getting sold for $525M!! And the owners ain’t making no money huh? What the hell we have a lookout for.  Get the hell out of here.”
He went on to correct himself by tweeting, “#lockout! My bad. U know what I meant”.

Lebron is reportedly worth over $110 million and made about $50 million last year alone.  He doesn’t have to worry about money.  However, we know that because he took a pay cut to play in Miami and could have made more somewhere else, he’s not a greedy guy.  The fact that Lebron James and Pau Gasol are making right around the same salary is borderline insane.  I doubt many people think Gasol is as important to the Lakers as James is to the Heat.

Whether you love him or hate him, the reality is, Lebron has done a lot for the NBA.  He drives revenue; his talent and ability provides some of the finest entertainment in sports, and he has elevated the game of basketball to a new level; like the superstars that have gone before him, and then some.

So I’m cool with Lebron speaking his mind on twitter.  But everything in moderation.
But what do the Hoopsvibers think about Lebron’s tweet?  Leave your comments below!
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