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Allen Iverson Tweets Remorse. Shows Humility. Turns Down Mavs D-League.

Allen Iverson shows humility and maturity, while turning down a D-League offer to climb back into the NBA.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: I find the slow ending of athlete’s careers one of the saddest things to watch. 

Allen Iverson had an amazing NBA career. It certainly had its controversies, highlights, and humorous moments. Unfortunately, he was never the type of player that was going to transition from primary offensive threat to role player. AI was never going to be that wise veteran like Derek Fisher or Robert Horry who would extend their career by another 4 or 5 years by coming off the bench.

AI was built to be the show. His ego has never come into question because it is larger than life and is what probably gave him the courage to play the game the way he did. Unfortunately, as his career passed its prime it was exactly this same ego that lead to his early exit from the league. Iverson was asked to leave the 76ers in 2006, asked to leave the Pistons in 2009, and asked to leave the Grizzlies and Pistons in 2010. Teams usually run short on his attitude, ego, and inability to play within a team’s system that doesn’t revolve around himself.

Iverson’s desire to get back into the NBA is well documented, but no teams appear willing to take a chance on a point guard in his late thirties that was never very efficient in his prime and has the ego to potentially cause a team to self-destruct. He was recently offered a D-League slot for the Mavs and turned it down. This would likely be a huge hit to Iverson’s ego and although it’s difficult to admit, the NBA is not likely to be in his future.

Perhaps, AI sees the error in his ways recently as he shot off a series of humble tweets that surprised fans and players around the NBA. The comments reflect both humility and maturity, two things Iverson was never accused of displaying. This may be the beginning of a new chapter in Iverson’s life off the court that involves growth not as a baller, but as a person. And for that, we commend him.

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