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Nick Van Exel’s Family Tied Up In Murder And Cover-Up

Yet another gun related tragedy in an NBA culture consumed with violence.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Unfortunately, this does not end well for Van Exel or his best friend Bradley Bassey Eyo.

A North Texas jury found Nick Van Exel’s 22-year old son guilty of murder in the shooting death of his long time friend on Thursday.

The jury deliberated for over two hours before returning with the guilty verdict against Nickey Maxwell Van Exel. Prosecutors were going after a capital murder conviction and are now moving into the penalty phase. Van Exel was found guilty of killing his friend Bradley Bassey Eyo in December of 2010. He then attempted to cover-up the murder and dump Eyo’s body in Lake Ray Hubbard which is the eastern outskirts of Dallas. 

Van Exel’s defense hinged on the idea that the two friends were playing with a shotgun at Van Exel’s Garland home and that Van Exel shot and killed Eyo without realizing the gun was loaded. 

Nick Van Exel senior is not implicated in the incident at all, but the timing of this tragedy is even more a propos considering both the Newtown, Ct shooting and the gun legislation being hotly debated. That legislation obviously would not have impacted this incident in the least since it took place in 2010 and it did not involve the type of weapons targeted to be restricted, but it does demonstrate another gun related tragedy in a nation consumed with guns and violence.

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