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Kevin Durant says he needs to ‘shut up and play’

Sometimes even the most humble players let their emotions get the best of them.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Kevin Durant may be tied for the league lead in technical fouls, but he’s still the man.

Durant, who has always been one of the more composed superstars to play the game, has been uncharacteristically vocal this season.

The “Durantula” received his ninth technical foul of the season in the Thunders’ win over the Dallas Mavericks Monday night and is now tied for most techs in the NBA, joining the illustrious company of Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Demarcus Cousins, Matt Barnes and Kobe Bryant, to lead the league.

But nonetheless, Durant is still a man of principle; and when asked about his recent technical foul streak, he took complete responsibility for his actions.

“I just got to shut up,” Durant said.  “I’m racking em up.  Sometimes I get too excited and voice my opinion when I shouldn’t.  I just got to shut up and play the game.” 

He went on to acknowledge the fact that officials are no longer giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s been getting more and more technical fouls and earning that reputation.

“I shouldn’t have got a tech,” Durant said about the technical foul he received Monday night against Dallas.  “I just went up and talked to (the official) and he got me one.  But that goes back to the ones I’ve gotten before.  I guess they watch and they’re looking for them now.  I just got to shut up and play my game and just fight through it.”

Once a player earns 16 technical fouls in the course of a season, the result is a one game suspension, with an additional game suspension tacked on for every two technicals after that.  Durant is currently on pace to hit this mark, so he will have to be mindful of that as the season goes on.

Especially come playoff time.

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