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Dennis Rodman: Ambassador To Peace In North Korea?

Dennis Rodman has been an ambassador of tattoos, of making high-level defense “cool” and of free thinking.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: A couple weeks after some successful nuke testing, the Worm is hanging out with Kim Jong Un, one one one (or maybe “un on un”).

But in what is easily his most amazing feat, he is the highest-profile American to ever have an audience with North Korea’s political hierarchy, particularly the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un.

That pic above is purportedly Un’s brother, sometime in the mid-nineties. If you think that pic is awesome (and it most certainly is) check out this one, it’s even better.

While he bristles at the thought of talking shop with any American politician, Un has been gladly entertaining Dennis Rodman since Tuesday; and who can blame him? I know I’d rather hang with Rodman than any politician.

Plus, Un is young. Even though his weird suits project the image of someone older, he’s only 28, which means he grew up during the Bulls glory era and loved them, like everyone did at the time. You have to wonder how he’d feel about spending time with Jud Buechler. Or Randy Brown.

If anything, not only does it show how transcendent the “Worm” is in terms of culture and society (for better or worse depending on who you ask), it also shows how transcendent sports can be. What if Rodman broke the nuclear stalemate between D.C. and Pyongyang? What if Rodman’s visited staved off WWIII?

If Kim Jong Un gets excited about meeting Rodman, it means he’s just like the rest of us; he’s human after all- at least somewhat

Could it be Rodman is secretly a double agent on a suicide mission? We all saw Double Team and Simon Sez; he can handle a weapon. And if the CIA offered to pay off his massive child support debts, why wouldn’t he become a hitman for the state? God, that would be an awesome movie.

Dennis Rodman has had an amazing life- and it keeps getting weirder.

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