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Stephen Curry Hits RIDICULOUS Behind Bench Shot (Video)

The legend of Stephen Curry keeps growing.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Is he already better than his dad, Dell Curry?



Check out this shot in pregame warm-ups:

Curry has had a breakout season in this his fourth year in the NBA, averaging 22.1 ppg and proving to be one of the best scorers from the point guard position, perhaps the best, in the entire league. Aside from scoring, he is contributing in all other facets, averaging 6.7 apg, 4.0 rp and 1.7 spg. He is also making a ridiculous 45% on three point attempts and an ungodly 91% from the free throw line, leading the league in that category. But what else would you expect from the son of Dell?

Basically, Stephen has taken all the strong points from his father’s game and then refined and improved them.

Dell’s career free throw average was 84%. Stephen’s is 90.4%. Dell’s three point percentage was .402%. Stephen’s is .444%. Dell’s ppg was 11.7, while Stephen’s is 18.6. Dell was 6-4 and averaged just 2.4 rpg. Stephen is “listed” as 6-3 and has a career average of 4.0 rpg. Defensively, Dell didn’t provide much with 0.9 ppg. Stephen is averaging 1.7 through four seasons and counting.

Don’t get me wrong- this article is not intended as an affront to Dell Curry in any way, it’s just a statistical comparison. In terms of playing styles/roles, they are completely different types of players, that provide different skill-sets.

Dell was the prototypical 6th man scoring machine, who would come into games with the express purpose of filling it up from the outside. His job was to come into a game and score as much as possible, which is why his career mpg was just 21.7. If Dell would’ve had the amount of minutes as his son has (Stephen’s per game minute average is 35.0) had so far, the numbers would obviously be increased. His 16 year career in the NBA is pretty amazing, though, with Steph just a quarter of the way there, currently.

The one thing they have in common? That sweet stroke from the outside. I doubt there is anyone on earth as excited as Dell to see his son excelling, especially considering constant double teams.

Has Stephen already eclipsed his dad as the best basketball player in the family?

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