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Kobe’s Double-Pump Dunk On Klay Thompson, Around David Lee (Video)

This may be Kobe’s 17th NBA season but he still has ridiculous hops.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: At this point in his career, do we take Kobe Bryant for granted?

Klay Thompson was born in 1990, just six years prior to Kobe’s debut season with the Lakers. Regardless, the “Mamba” shakes the younger Thompson on the baseline before attacking the cup and hammering home a sweet double-pump dunk around David Lee:

We’ve all known for a while about Kobe’s abiity to flush it with the best of them, but even after he’s spent half of his life in the league? Girl, please.

The Jordan comparisons will never cease thanks to similar playing style and all around success, so let’s compare them again! Jordan played 15 seasons before retiring, which makes what Kobe is still able to do in season #17 that much more impressive.

Speaking of being impressed, which dunk impressed you more- the one above from last night, or this one a few weeks ago against the Nets?

Dunk #2 is sheer will power, cramming over a few 6-10 & 7-0 dudes in a tie game with roughly two minutes left. Dunk #1 shows more agility and athleticism, with a dash of body control that only older dudes have truly mastered.

Is Kobe as dangerous as ever, right now? We hear all the time about how at some point soon, he is going to “slow down” and be “less productive” but I think everyone needs to cool out on that. He can obviously still jump and his mid-range jumper is as deadly as ever.

Or is it that we’ve seen him be so productive for so long, that we take it for granted, like a chick we used to think was super hot so we married her and now can barely look at her?  Does Kobe not stimulate our “creative juices” like he used to, so we have to find flaws to justify our feelings of lust for the new hot secretary (LeBron James)?

Excluding current teammates from the equation, who do you take right now, solely as the better basketball player- “Bron Bron” LeBron James, or Kobe Bryant?

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