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Bo Jackson On Derrick Rose: “Why Push It?”

Bo knows rehab.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: If anyone is qualified to have an opinion on the return of D Rose, It’s Bo Jackson.

Everyone has an opinion on whether Bulls guard Derrick Rose should return this season, but how many of us have been in his place? One person who has is Bo Jackson.

Now making his permanent home outside of Chicago, Jackson threw out the first pitch yesterday prior to the White Sox home opener and had this to say when asked about D Rose.

From the Chicago Tribune:

 “I am quite sure that Derrick is going to come back when he needs to,” Jackson told reporters in the press box during a wide-ranging conversation. “I couldn’t say either way whether he should or not. Derrick will know when it’s time to come back. I think he has handled it very well. It seems like the people who are having fits about this are you guys.

“Derrick has handled it well. He is a new dad and seems happy. Why push it? Between the media and the public pushing him he should come back, he should come back … what if he did come back and re-injure himself? Then you’re going to point fingers at the staff of the Bulls saying he shouldn’t have come back. You guys can’t have it both ways. Let him heal, come back home and when he comes back home, welcome him.”

For a quick primer on Bo Jackson, check out the ESPN 30 for 30 film "You Don’t Know Bo."

Even though he didn’t play in the NBA, you get the feeling he could have if he wanted to.

Bo is the greatest athlete ever. Don’t tell Deion Sanders I said that though, he would certainly disagree.

With the playoffs about three weeks away, should D Rose officially shut it down? Or, should he tough it out now that the heavy lifting of the regular season is over?

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