Monday , Apr , 15 , 2013 Andrew Flint

Rumor Alert: Howard To Stay In LA, Ellis Out of Milwaukee.

Rumor Alert: Dwight Howard will sign with the Lakers this summer, but Monta Ellis will be opting out of his deal with the Bucks.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Two big name stars with two very different paths. Will either get a ring?

Dwight Howard’s contract with the Los Angeles Lakers expires this summer. Many believed Howard’s future with the Lakers was locked in, expecting their dominance of the Western Conference this season. Seeing as the Lakers have struggled, Howard’s future plans have been openly debated throughout the NBA. 

Early reports inside camp Howard are that the big man will resign with the Lakers. The question is does it matter now that Kobe’s looking to be out 8-10 months rehabbing his Achilles heel?

Another early rumor involves the Milwaukee Bucks’ Monta Ellis who is said to be leaving the Bucks for greener pastures. Ellis is regarded as one of the most prolific scorers in the league putting up 19.2 PPG. He would be an amazing addition to a number of teams. Ellis will be able to command top dollar if he dips out of Milwaukee and the word on the street is Milwaukee better get used to playing without him real soon. The Bucks had been talking about trying to possibly move Ellis or Jennings this season, due to payroll limitations they were expecting to run into this off-season. Well, it looks like Ellis is going to make that decision a lot easier for the Bucks. 

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