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Tracy McGrady Signs With Spurs. PLayoff Eligible.

Tracy McGrady signed with the San Antonio Spurs yesterday. He is playoff eligible and SA’s ready to make a run.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Scooping up McGrady at this point in the season is genius. The Spurs may win the West after all.

McGrady is thought of as an old NBA veteran. T/he reality is he’s only 33-years old. Yes, he’s been in the league 15 years and is a seven-time All-Star, but he’s still got some miles left on those legs. 

The Spurs surprised many when they released veteran swingman Stphen Jackson last week. I guess they knew they had a line on McGrady. The benefit of swapping the two scorers is debatable. Jackson is familiar with the San Antonio system. He’s a proven commodity with the Spurs and both provides scoring when they need it and is a clutch 3-point shooter.

McGrady is definitely the better player in his prime, but it should say something that he didn’t land on another NBA team all season. He is a wild card for the Spurs. Exactly what he can or can not produce is a little unknown. This could be a stroke of genius from Popovich and the Spurs or it could cost the Spurs a legit run at topping Oklahoma City out West.

Any way you cut it though, this only makes the impending NBA playoffs more interesting.

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