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Mayo To Opt Out of Dallas, Stoudemire and Jennings Guarantee Wins.

O.J. Mayo will opt out of his contract in Dallas as Stoudemire and Jennings make absurd first round playoff predictions.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Since when does a #2 seed have to publicly guaratee they’ll beat a #7 seed? Probably about the same time a #8 seed guarantees they’ll beat the best team in basketball. 

O.J. Mayo and the Dallas Mavericks will part ways after this season as he is expected to opt out of his contract in Dallas. Mayo was thrust into a more leading role with the Mavs and responded with 15.3 PPG, 4.4 APG, and 3.5 RPG. These are very solid numbers for a guy only making $4 million a year.

This split though goes far beyond money. Mayo has always seemed like a bit of an odd fit to a team searching for an identity. Is it Dirk’s team? Is it Mayo’s team? In the end it was just a 41-41 Dallas team that was under-manned with no real chance of going anywhere in the West. Unless Cuban and the Mavs make some serious off-season moves, they’ll be another lame duck next year.

Amare Stoudemire and Brandon Jennings came out with guarantees yesterday. Stoudemire guaranteed his #2 Knicks would beat the #7 Celtics in the first round of the playoffs. Duh. I feel like his making this statement only emphasizes how unsure New York fans are about their chances of winning. They are the #2 seed. Do they really need to make predictions? You don’t see the Spurs blabbing about predictions out West. Stoudemire should keep his mouth shut and be grateful he still gets in the game.

Brandon Jennings also went on record with a prediction that his #8 Milwaukee Bucks were going to defeat the Miami Heat in 6 games. It won’t even take them 7 games to do it. I’m glad to see Jennings optimism, but must question his sanity. This boisterous claim is so absurd it hardly deserves a response, but I’ll give it one. Jennings is out of his mind. The Bucks have no chance. Less than no chance. Milwaukee will absolutely positively not beat Miami. They will be lucky to only lose by 15 points.

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