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Top 10 Tim Duncan Animated Gifs.

In honor of the spurs sweep of the Lakers we have the Top 10 animated gifs of Tim Duncan.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: They call him the Big Fundamental, but his gifs sure are funny.

Tm Duncan’s had an amazing 16-year NBA career. He’s averaged 20.2 PPG, 11.1 RPG, and 2.2 BPG including being a 14-time All-Star, NBA MVP, Finals MVP, and lead the Spurs to 4 NBA championships. His nickname is the Big Fundamental and he’s known for being anything but flashy. Yet, of the course of every career there are moments that are unforgettable. Here are the Top 10 Tim Duncan animated gifs.

#10: This is vintage Tim Duncan showing the ball literally in Birdman’s grill and then dunking on him.

#9: San Antonio Spur fans don’t get to see Timmy launch too many 3-pointers, but this one was in the overtime of a playoff game against the Suns.

#8: We call this one the coach Timmy gif.

#7 This is the creepy dribbling Timmy gif.

#6: This is the high-five wiff.

#5: This one is just as much about Dwight Howard as Tim Duncan. Clearly, Howard has some words for an amused Timmy.

#4: This is the Tim Duncan booty kick pic.

#3: In this animated gif Tim uses his face to catch a pass from the automatic ball machine.

#2: This Tim Sean Elliot is on the receiving end of an animated gif as Timmy as some fun with te former Spur.

#1: Nothing can top Timmy drinking some bad Gatorade. Let’s just hope they doen’t sponsor him or the Spurs. 

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