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Rumor Alert: Mavs Going After Chris Paul.

Rumor Alert: Dallas Mavericks hungry to land Chris Paul and ready to make it happen.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: They’ve got the money to make it happen and the Clippers aren’t exactly championship ready.

To say the Dallas Mavericks had a disappointing season, is like saying North Korea isn’t a top vacation destination. Marc Cuban and the Mavs were burnt in recent off-seasons losing key players like Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler. They’re looking to make up for previous shortscomings this off-season by landing Chris Paul. 

This would entirely change the trajectory of the Mavs. They’ve got solid big men and would love to add a dynamic point guard like CP3. The beauty of the Mavs situation is that they can very easily arrange their finances to make it a reality. Any team trying to grab Paul has to figure on a max-contract as the possibility of his settling for less is improbable. The Mavs could easily arrange their finances to get Paul 83 million, starting at 18.7 million in his first year. 

They could do this and still hold onto Nowitzki, Marion, Carter, Cunningham, Crowder, and their 13th pick, but they’d have to waive their two non-guaranteed players James and Akognon with an NBA cap at 58.044 million or with a giveaway like the one with Carter. They currently have 16.2 million for one player and would need a little extra room to grab Paul. 

This is assuming Paul would only take a max contract, which is a safe assumption. If Paul was going to take less than a max-contract, it would be hard to see it happening in Dallas. Realistically, Paul wants to be on a contender. The Mavs are more of a question mark than the Clippers and the Clippers were only a 4 seed this season.

Will the Mavs make a run at Chris Paul? Absolutely, but I wouldn’t expect Paul to budge from Los Angeles unless the Clippers aren’t willing to give him the money he deserves. Paul wants to play on a contender, but if he can’t get that, he will definitely insist on getting his max-contract. The Mavs are quite simply not a good enough team to interest Paul at this point in his career.

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