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Durant rockin’ Supersonics hat (PHOTO)

Despite the team no longer in existence, Kevin Durant is still a fan of the Seattle Supersonics.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  It’s funny how Durant wearing a hat turns into “news.”

You know it’s a crazy world we live in when a picture of an athlete wearing a hat gets worldwide attention on the internet.

Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant was photographed wearing a Seattle Supersonics hat at team practice Monday, and people just can’t seem to stop talking about it.  Personally, I could care less if Durant wears a Sonics hat.  The Durantula was drafted by the Sonics in 2007, where he played a full season and won Rookie of the Year honors.  The team moved to Oklahoma City the very next year and Durant moved with them.

I like the fact that Durant doesn’t forget where everything started for him.  #represent

Not to mention, it’s a pretty sick hat, especially because of the gold snakeskin brim.  I just wish I was as cool as KD and could pull it off.  Check out the pic below from Durant’s instagram account, sniperjones35.

As far as the Sonics are concerned, it was looking for a while earlier this year that a bid would be approved for the team to move back to Seattle and replace the Sacramento Kings, however, recent developments have made it seem that the Kings are going to end up winning the bidding war, thus staying put for now.

I personally feel bad for Seattle fans who are some of the most diehard fans around.  They need an NBA team!

At least they know that while they fight to move their team back to Seatown, Kevin Durant’s got their back.

In gold.  On his head.

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