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JR Smith says it’s his fault Knicks are down in series

The Knicks have been struggling in the second round against the Pacers, and now JR Smith, the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year is taking the blame.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  While Smith’s production has significantly declined against the Pacers, he’s not solely to blame.

After an 11-point loss to Indiana in game 4 Tuesday night, the New York Knicks, who were one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference this season, are on the brink of elimination.

And guard JR Smith is stepping up and putting the ownice on himself.

Smith told

“I take the blame for this whole series.  It started off with game 4 in Boston or game 5.  I haven’t been playing myself.  I haven’t been playing my part.  I’ve been letting my teammates down.  I’ve been letting my coaches down.  I have to play more efficient.  It’s unnacceptable.”

But honestly, Smith hasn’t been playing horribly, he’s just not shooting the ball as well as he normally does.  In the first three games against Boston in the first round, he averaged over 16 points a game.  Since then, he’s averaged just over 13 a game.  Many are speculating that the one-game suspension he served in game 4 of the Boston series (for elbowing Jason Terry in the face) threw him off because his production has been down ever since.  Even Smith himself is admitting to that:

“I haven’t shot the ball well since,” he said.

Despite Smith is shooting a sub-par 28% in the second round against Indiana (he’s 18-64 from the field) it’s not just his fault the Knicks are trailing the Pacers three games to one. 

Reigning NBA Scoring Champion and Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony even admitted, “Our offense has been sh*t.”

And even though only 8 teams in NBA history have come back to win a playoff series after being down 3-1, one thing New York has going for them:

They’re playing at home in Thursday’s game 5.

Think they can turn the series around???  Leave your comments below!!

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