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Tony Allen Should Be Fined 50k For Faking Injury (video).

Tony Allen fakes a head injury, baits refs, and changes the course of the game (video)

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The refs should be ashamed and Tony Allen should win an Oscar.

The Spurs leading the Grizzlies 85 – 81 with just 26 seconds left on the clock, Manu Ginobili fouled Tony Allen on his way to the hoop. As the replay clearly shows Allen’s head never hits the floor. He lands awkward, but is completely okay. Allen seizes the opportunity to audition for Iron Man 4 and decides to put on a show, kicking and crying on the court as he clutches his head, as if he just suffered some major head trauma. 

Note, this lead to the Grizzlies converting two free throws, maintaining possession of the ball, and sending the game into over time. Who says acting doesn’t pay?

Look again in the replay below, his head never hits the floor. The refs, even with the ability of replay, must have really loved his act because they gave him the flagrant foul on Ginobili that he wanted. Allen luckily had a miraculous recovery when it was time for him to shoot the free throws and played out the rest of the game just fine. I’m sure we all breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn’t seriously injured seeing, but the good news is The Screen Actors Guild was very impressed with his work crying on the ground and he’s now up for a number of name Hollywood films.

One can only hope the NBA levies a series fine against Allen for his late game theatrics. At the very least, I wouldn’t expect Allen to get too many close calls the rest of this series. After baiting the refs like that, I’m sure they aren’t impressed.


On a side note, the NBA hands out flagrant fouls these days for practically giving players dirty looks. The NBA of the 90s wouldn’t even recognize the ballerinas of today. Do we have to start watching the WNBA to see a physical style of ball? 

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