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Top 5 Letdowns of 2012-13 NBA Season

After every NBA season, thanks to the gift of hindsight, it’s easy to point out the biggest letdowns of the year.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: There are no shortage of candidates for this list. 


Amare Stoudamire

For as much head scratching as there was regarding who could score for the Knicks other than Carmelo Anthony, why wasn’t Stoudamire on the receivng end of more criticism? After being one of the most prolific scorers in the game prior to arriving in NY, Stoudamire suddenly aged about 10 years due to injury. When the Knicks tried to assemble their own version of the “Big Three” with Melo, Tyson Chandler and Stoudamire, everyone else performed except for Amare. $99 million over five years never looked so bad. And this year, he confirmed the Knicks biggest fears.

Derrick Rose

LeBron’s brand took a huge hit thanks to “The Decision”, but Rose’s took nearly as big of a hit thanks to his “Indecision.” The game of “will he, won’t he” got old for Bulls fans after a couple months and lasted the duration of the season. Could the Bulls have beaten the Heat in the playoffs if he would’ve returned? We will never know.

Brandon Roy

Roy’s knee only stayed healthy enough for him to play in five games this year before he needed more surgery, which ultimately, finally, put an end to his NBA career. The entire T-Wolves squad could be mentioned on this list, as having all of their studs on the floor at once proved to be a rare occurrance.

Jeremy Lin

After “Linsanity” subsided, everyone knew Lin was going to receive a huge pay day via fre agency, and the Houston Rockets were happy to oblige. After signing a three year, $25 million dollar deal, his points, assists and rebounds per game all decreased in his first year in Houston, though he played six minutes more per game.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Rather than keeping James Harden for one more season and potentially losing him and getting nothing in return, Sam Presti got greedy and dealt the dynamic wing in a multi-team deal. Kevin Martin was adequate, but there was no substitute for Harden’s abilty. When Russell Westbrook got hurt in the playoffs, the deal was sealed on a year that didn’t meet expectations.

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