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Trade rumor: Dwight Howard to the Rockets

Even though the Lakers ended up making the playoffs (they secured the final 8th seed in the West only to get swept by San Antonio) they were pretty much a mess all season.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  The Houston Rockets seem to think Dwight Howard is going to leave LA and head to Texas.


Steven A. Smith said there’s a 50/50 chance Howard leaves the Lakers after just one let down of a season.  Apparently, Houston is shopping Thomas Robinson around the league to make salary space for Superman (that’s Dwight Howard’s nickname if you’re new to the program).  Robinson was the 5th overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft and averaged just under five points and five rebounds in 19 games played for Houston this season.

And even though the Lakers have more money to pay Howard than anyone else does, according to’s Marc Stein, that might not mean much.  Stein reports:

"L.A.’s financial advantage in trying to retain to Howard is not as robust as it seems.  Not only does the absence of state taxes in Texas narrow the gap, but the strong likelihood that Howard, at 27, would opt out of a new deal to return to free agence before the fifth year lessens the Lakers’ edge further."

Dwight has already made it public that he will entertain offers as a free agent.  But then again, we all know from Howard’s history in the past few years, the dude changes his mind a lot.

This is all hear say now, but we do now that sources close to the rockets have said they’ve received "hopeful signals" (whatever those are) that Howard will bolt to Houston when he becomes an official free agent July 1.

When asked if he would participate in off-season free agent recruiting (ahem ahem pursuing Dwight Howard), Rockets star James Harden was quoted saying "hell yea."

Well … here’s to another chapter in the Dwight Howard saga.

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