Monday , Jun , 10 , 2013 Andrew Flint

Jason Kidd To Coach Brooklyn Nets?

Jason Kids wants to coach the Brooklyn Nets.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Kidd could develop into a solid NBA coach, but this is too soon and too much of a risk for Brooklyn?

Jason Kidd just retired days ago and he is now looking to the future. Kidd wants to transition from player to NBA head coach. 

Reports are that Kidd and the Brooklyn Nets are already in discussions to make this dream a reality. Kidd is actively piecing together assistant coaches to be on his coaching team to help him overcome some of the shortcomings he might possess in terms of coaching experience.

Although many former players like to believe they can transition to coaching and announcing, Jason Kidd might actually be able to make it happen. He’s always been thought of as a levelheaded player that understood offensive and defensive schemes, as well as how to lead a team. 

It’s unsure though if the Nets would be a good fit for a rookie coach. Yes, they have some veteran leadership in guard, Deron Williams, but they under-performed many people’s expectations in 2012-2013 and would be better served with a coach that has already formed his coaching methodology.

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