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Chauncey Billups says Blake Griffin is “too soft” – do you agree?

Chauncey Billups recenlty suggested that Blake Griffin is too nice of a guy on the basketball court.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Since when is being too nice a bad thing?

Billups was being interview Monday, after winning the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award Sunday, and issued the following response when he was asked if he thought Griffin was too “soft” a player:

“I don’t agree that Blake Griffin is soft.  But what I will say about Blake is that he’s maybe too nice of a guy.  Because there’s been times in games where people take shots at Blake.  And I tell him if that’s me, you’re going to take this two or three game suspension, and I’m going to punish somebody.  That’s just how I’m built.  Blake is not really built like that.  He’s … too soft of a guy inside for him to be like, ‘All right, I’m just going to hurt somebody.’  He just won’t do it.  I wish he would, and I think that people would look at him a lot different if he did that.  But he’s just not that kind of person.”

Billups went on to give Griffin credit saying “there’s nobody that works harder” than the big man even though he said he may be a little softer on the inside.  Personally, I have tremendous respect for Blake Griffin on and off the court.  I think he plays like a beast on the hardwood, I’ve even been fortunate enough to meet him a person on a few different occasions and he’s always been nothing but a class act who treats people with respect.  While I understand Chauncey’s point of view, I think Griffin’s ability to take the high road and let his play do the talking, is beyond admirable.

The 36-year old Billups will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and has said that while he wants to play a few more years, he’s watching “with an eagle eye to see what happens” (referencing the Clippers’ coaching situation) being that the organization dismissed Vinny Del Negro as their coach at the end of this past season.  So as of now, there’s no guarantees Billups will finish is career in LA.

“Free agent means free,” he added.

But what do you Hoopsvibers, think?  Is Billups right about Griffin being too soft on the court?  Leave us your comments below!

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