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Stephen Jackson Says, “It Felt Good To Hit A Fan.” (video)

Stephen Jackson goes on the record and says, "It felt good to hit a fan."

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Can't imagine David Stern and the NBA will find Jackson's comments as amusing as he does in this interview.

Stephen Jackson Says, “It Felt Good To Hit A Fan.” (video)

Stephen Jackson has the persona of a rough player. He was suspended a number of games for his part in the infamous  "Malice In The Palace" between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers where he went into the stands and hit a fan and has had numerous other on the court incidents. He now has come out and said it felt good to hit that fan for all the hurtful things fans have said to him over the years. What?

Jackson appears jovial in the interview where he speaks extremely freely about his feelings on the event and his career. He jokes that the only reason he feels bad about the whole thing is that it cost him $3 million. 

Jackson's career is clearly winding down after being dropped by the San Antonio Spurs right before the playoffs. Maybe he's hoping the buzz around this kind of statement will help his kickstart his rapping career that he tried to launch last season?

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