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Top 5 Reasons Kidd Will Fail Coaching The Brooklyn Nets.

It’s official, Jason Kidd is the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, but can he succeed?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s hard to see how this could possibly lead to a better season next year.

Top 5 Reasons Kidd Will Fail Coaching The Brooklyn Nets.

#5 BFF Deron Williams

One of the major reasons people suspect Kidd got hired is because of his close relationship with Brooklyn guard Deron Williams. What’s going to happen when they start losing and disagree on what needs to take place? A coach and player relationship is a completely different than a best friend relationship. This could both ruin a season and a friendship.

#4 Leadership

The Brooklyn Nets don’t need a “buddy” coach. They need a knowledgeable and experienced coach that knows offensive and defensive schemes that accentuate their team’s strengths and knows how to make adjustments to take advantage of opponents weaknesses.

#3 Brooklyn Learned Nothing From Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson started off coaching the Brooklyn Nets last season to a strong start. Eventually, the team started losing and they were quick to blame Johnson. Do they really think Kidd is a better coach that Johnson in any measurable sense? Johnson commanded more respect and already had experience and success coaching the Dallas Mavericks prior to arriving in Brooklyn. What could they possibly see in Jason Kidd that they don’t find better in Avery Johnson?

#2 Personal Issues

The facts are that Kidd was arrested for driving under the influence last off-season and was arrested for punching his wife in the face earlier in his career. He’s also been accused of being a binge drinker and ramped gambler. These aren’t the characteristics usually associated with great NBA coaches.

#1 Lack of Experience.

Jason Kidd may be a great point guard, but he has never coached basketball. He has zero coaching experience. This means he will be relying heavily on his assistant coaches which doesn’t always lead to disaster, but certainly isn’t the strongest recipe for success.

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