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Magic Johnson Encourages Howard To Leave Los Angeles.

Magic Johnson is candid in his remarks encouraging Dwight Howard to leave LA for Houston.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Everyone always talks about how great Howard is, but he manages to make every team he's on lose.

Magic Johnson Encourages Howard To Leave Los Angeles.

Magic Johnson is no longer a partial owner of the Los Angeles Lakers which means he can both speak more freely about Laker team issues and what he says carries less weight. Recently, Magic weighed in on Dwight Howard and his perspective on the big man. He admits he is a dominating center, but that he has a long way to go to possess the skills both on and off the court that would lead to an LA championship. He also went on to say Houston was probably a better fit for Howard.

He thinks Howard is a better fit in Houston because he would have more expectations and pressure to produce in LA, which isn't something Howard enjoys. Howard enjoys the bright lights of the big city, but not the pressure associated with it. He would probably be more comfortable in Houston where basketball is a second priority sport.

“I would say that he probably would enjoy playing for (Rockets coach) Kevin McHale because coach McHale was a Hall of Fame player and, I feel, with Tim Duncan, the best power forward that has ever played the game.”

SOLD! With all of Magic's encouragement to leave and Howard's whimsical nature, he just might be headed to the Lone Star state. Wait, Kobe still has to talk to him. Can Howard resist the Black Mamba's sales pitch?

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