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Derrick Rose says he’s the best player in the NBA, respect

According to Derrick Rose, the best player in the NBA is … Derrick Rose.

Hoopsvibe's quick call:  I respect Rose's confidence, and looking forward to seeing him back on the court this season.

Derrick Rose Attends 'D Rose Tour' Press Conference in Madrid

Rose, who tore his ACL on April 28th 2012 in a first round playoff game against the 76ers (and hasn't played a game since), recently sat down with CNN's Pedro Pinto to discuss everything from his highest and lowest moments, favorite athlete, and his opinion of who's the best player in the NBA today.

When asked about his highest moment, Rose commented "getting drafted."  His response to his lowest moment was not surprisingly tearing his acl.  Rose, being from Chicago, of course answered that his basketball idol is Michael Jordan.

But when asked "Best player in the league right now?" Rose with a stone cold look on his face said … Derrick Rose.  Pinto kind of chuckled and didn't know what to say.  Rose wasn't laughing.

Rose did answer that the toughest guy to defend in the NBA is Lebron James due to his size and strength, but it came across loud and clear in Pinto's interview that a healthy Derrick Rose is confident in his ability to be the best.

Which is exactly what Bulls fans need to hear.

Who do you think is the best player in the NBA?  Kobe?  Lebron?  Durant?  Rose?  Would love to hear your comments below!

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