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Lamar Odom purchases Chore Boy, but is it a bad sign?

Lamar Odom was spotted out and about in LA again on Tuesday, and this time with a grocery bag consisting of an over the counter item typically used for smoking crack.

Hoopsvibe's quick call:  This is not a post to paint a bad picture of Odom, because I truly hope he's doing better than the media is portraying him.

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The media is certainly not a celebrity-athlete's best friend.  As soon as someone popular makes a mistake, we all hear about it instantly, and no one really knows how exaggerated the mistake may be.  We have all become accustomed to the reality that mistakes get more press than accomplishments.  Unfortunately for Lamar Odom, he knows this better than most.

Lamar has been having a tough month.  (In fact he's had a very tough life).  But the media coverage of Lamar's crack addiction, last week's DUI arrest, and looming divorce from reality starlett Khloe Kardashian just doesn't seem to stop.  And while I'm hoping the most recent update on his status is being exaggerated for effect, he's certainly not making it seem like he's on the road to recovery.

TMZ reports … "Ominous sign for Lamar Odom's battle with drug addiction — he scooped up a household cleaning product that doubles as a vital part of homemade crack pipes…Lamar and his driver walked out of a San Fernando Valley pharmacy on Tuesday with a bag full of items … most notably … Chore Boy copper scrubbing pads."  

Now, if you're not familiar with the product, all you need to do is Google it's uses and you'll be caught up to speed.  But I'll save you the time.  Chore Boy Ultimate Scrubbers are used to clean kitchen supplies.  And also for smoking crack.  Therefore, it's probably an item Odom should let someone else purchase for him, even if he's just using it as a kitchen cleaner for which it is intended.

After the life he's lived and month he's had, I truly hope Lamar has nothing but successes and celebrations ahead oh him.  After all, he's a two-time NBA Champion, Sixth Man of the Year, and has averaged over 13 points and 8 rebounds in his career.  That's what we should all be talking about!

And Lamar, if you happen to read this, know that we're rooting for you at Hoopsvibe and hope the Chore Boy was for the kitchen!

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