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Brandon Jennings Claims The Game Sucker Punched Him.

Nothing like getting punched in the mouth and responding with a mean tweet.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: I’m pretty sure the last thing The Game needs to do is sucker punch someone that weighs 170 lbs.


The big NBA gossip coming out last weekend was The Game punching Brandon Jennings of the Detroit Pistons in the mouth at Club Lure “Toxic” in Los Angeles. Bossip reported Jennings responded to his smack down like most true bad asses, with a stern tweet. Oh, he held nothing back in this tweet (see tweet below).

I will say this, the fact that Jennings took a beating and is keeping his swagger intact is impressive. Even if the incident paints him out as a 170 lb. big mouth that doesn’t know where the fiction of listening to too much rap ends and the reality of someone punching you in the face begins, he’s got confidence. In Jennings defense, for someone that was supposedly punched in the mouth by The Game without seeing it coming, he’s looking pretty good.

Jennings confidence has truly never been in question. From dropping $25,000 on a stripper in one night at Diamond’s Gentelman’s Club in Miami, Florida to scooping up Angela Simmons away from Bow Wow, Jennings has swag to spare. Even after getting smacked in a Drew League game that we have video footage of earlier this year, he kept talking that trash. Now it looks like he’s satisfied to simply take his trash talk to twitter.

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Here’s a photo gallery of The Game and Brandon Jennings. After looking through these pictures you might think Jennings responding through twitter the smartest … and safest course of action available.

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Photo Credit: Brandon Jennings Twitter & The Game’s Instagram

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