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LeBron Hints He May Become A Laker.

LA is already licking their chops at the possibility of acquiring LeBron James next off-season and he just added fuel to the fire.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It looks like LBJ is open to those warm west coast winters.

NBA player LeBron James

Rumors have already begun that the Los Angeles Lakers will be making a major push to acquire either LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony next off-season. Kobe Bryant’s $30M will be coming off the books and the groundwork is already being placed for him to take a pay cut, so that the Lakers can bet back to their winning ways.

Realistically, it will be difficult to lure the newly married LeBron away from Miami because money isn’t his number one factor. Plus, his family is happy there and looking at his leaked honeymoon pictures he has no intention of uprooting his family. Most people forget LBJ took a pay cut to come to Miami and win two championships. If Miami can keep their core group together and he feels they still have a shot at a ring I think he’ll pass on LA, but he has been dropping hints.

He both squashed the rumor that he might be heading back to Cleveland and gave Laker fans renewed hope of a Kobe / LeBron duo with his comment this week to Women’s Wear Daily that “It will definitely be someplace warm. I don’t want to go back to cold winters.”

LeBron has been rumored to have a little bit of a bad boy streak in him (just ask his alleged mistress Carmen Ortega), so you never know. After he’s conquered the Eastern Conference and the women of Miami he may be ready to take on the west coast.

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