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Why Kobe Bryant is Overrated.

He’s getting $30.45M, but ESPN ranks him 25th in the league.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Father time catches up with all of us and Kobe’s time is slipping away.

Kobe Bryant

First off, I will admit Kobe still puts up crazy numbers. Last season he averaged 27.3 PPG which is above is 25.5 career average, but still down from his career high of 35.4 PPG. His assists were at a career high 6.0 APG and his shooting percentage was above his career average, so statistically the Black Mambas is still unbelievable and 2014 expectations are high.

The reason Kobe is overrated is because people still value him like he’s the guy that went for 35 PPG and is in the running debate as to whether he’s better than Michael Jordan. The reality is Kobe has an awful lot of miles on those legs. He’s getting old, he’s getting injury prone, and his days are numbered in the NBA. Don’t take my word on it the ESPN power rankings dropped him from the #6 slot last season to #25 this year.

This year Kobe will earn $30.45 million. That’s is a lot more than plenty of players ranked above him. Does he deserve it? Probably, he can still take over the game like almost no one else. He’s still more clutch than LeBron. If Miami fans were being honest, they’d admit even they would rather have Kobe over LeBron for a last second shot. Kobe is an assassin with the ball.

The fact remains though that he’s 35-years old and came in the league straight out of high school. Plus, he’s played deep into the playoffs almost every season. This means the number of games he’s played is probably more along the lines of someone that’s 38-years old. Time catches up to all of us and Kobe’s Achilles tear last season is the beginning of the end for the Laker great. It wouldn’t be surprising he he suffers additional injuries this season.

Let me make this clear. Kobe isn’t overrated because his productivity has slipped significantly. He is overrated because his ability to stay healthy is seriously in question and $30.45 million is a lot of money to spend on someone going through rehab. I’m glad he’s feeling better from his Achilles tear, but more injuries are unfortunately right around the corner.

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