Drake Joins Team Jordan.

By Andrew Flint

Jordan brand scoops up one of the hottest rappers in the game.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Not sure Drake’s style is a match for mine, but I am curious what his final product will look like.


Drake’s always been known as a rapper hungry to build an empire. Now that empire includes custom Nike kicks. From these preliminary pictures on his twitter they will be a mixture of classic cuts and Drake’s style.

These OVO-edition prototypes were posted to Drake’s Instagram account driving speculation that these could be an early version of what his own custom Nike kicks could resemble.

Jordan brand announced the union of Hip Hop and Drake’s urban kicks on twitter with @Jumpman23 officially welcoming the young rapper. Drake responded with his own official social media announcement and the union appears written in stone.

Now all we have to do is see some actual kicks and determine if this will be kick on a higher level or a misguided attempt at urban fashion.

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Photo Credit: Instagram @ChampagnePapi