Friday , Jan , 24 , 2014 Andrew Flint

Top Ten Where Hip Hop and Basketball Collide.

Hip Hop Artists Stalley and Danny Brown profess their love for this adidas icon.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Triumphant return of an adidas classic.


The Top Ten is bigger than basketball. This is the story of an adidas original that speaks to rapper, hip hop heads, and genre breaking artists as well. It’s the very definition of a classic. The Top Ten was first launched on both the basketball and music industry in 1979 and quite frankly took over.

Now that it’s 35 years later the Top Ten is back to let everyone know it never went anywhere and it’s still just dope. Stalley and Fool’s Gold Hip Hop artist Danny Brown join the adidas team to make sure this message is loud and clear. From Boston toe Detroit the Top Ten proves this elder of the kick game still got what it takes.



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Photo Credit: adidas.