Thursday , Jan , 15 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

LeBron James: Portland Handled Darius Miles Wrong

When it comes to the imbroglio that surrounds the Memphis Grizzles’ signing of Darius Miles, there’s little doubt where LeBron James stands.

The Portland Trail Blazers threatened to sue any NBA team that signed Miles, who formerly played for the Cavaliers. When the Trail Blazers released Miles, he needed to play in two games for the Trail Blazers to be on the hook for the $18 million remaining on his contract.

After releasing Miles, the Trail Blazers sent a league-wide e-mail threatening to sue any team that signed Miles and forced them to pay up on his contract.

”The way they came out and handled that situation was completely wrong,” James said. ”There was definitely a way they could handle it better. D-Miles is a good guy.

”You have to pull for somebody like that after a situation like that. He gets some more games and he’s going to get what he deserves.”