Monday , Apr , 30 , 2012 Andrew Flint

George Karl Says Bynum Cheated

George Karl Throws Accusations at Bynum.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Crying because you got smacked down ain’t manly.

Denver Nuggest coach George Karl suggests Andrew Bynum didn’t earn his triple-double. Karl says Bynum was playing illegal defense the entire game. The reality is what else is Karl goingto say. He can’t exactly admit that Bynum dominated the Denver big men like they were a bunch of 15-year old AAU players away from home for the first time. He can’t tell his team they don’t stand a chance in hell of beating Los Angeles, so he told the world LA cheated.

Bynum produced the first triple-double of his career with 13 rebounds, 10 blocks, and 10 points. His 10 blocks ties an NBA record. Karl’s post game rants appear to be both posturing to the refs and giving his team a rationalization for their total game-1 collapse.

Denver entered Sunday’s game hopeful of their chances with Metta World Peace being out, but the Lakers erased any optimism on Denver’s sideline with a first game 103-88 smack  down. 

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