Monday , May , 21 , 2012 Andrew Flint

What Knick Is Rihanna Now Dating?

The queen of red hair and sultry singing is now dating an NBA baller.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: We give this relationship …  hmmm, about 15 minutes.

Word on the street (and by street I mean internet) is that pop star Rihanna is now dating New York Knick dunk machine J.R. Smith. Smith is best known for having 10,000 tattoos and never having seen a shot he didn’t like. Rihanna’s dating history is best known for the beat down boyfriend and R&B artist Chris Brown gave her just a few years ago. This is to say, neither is really known for stability.

Rihanna and Smith were spotted this week snuggling up in a New York club and getting extremely friendly. Rihanna has recently been going through men faster than Apple can come out with Ipads. No, I still don’t have an Ipad and yes, I am pissed about it. Just last week it was rumored Rihanna was chasing after Ashton Kutcher after their romantic tryst led into a morning after walk of shame. For the record, we’re pretty sure no one was ashamed. Bottom line, these two are having fun, but using the word relationship would be something akin to calling this weeks Facebook IPO mildly profitable. These two are combustible, so look for this tryst to implode soon. And for the record, I don’t care who J.R. Smith was dating before Rihanna, this is most definitely an upgrade.

Photo Credit: GQ, WENN.

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