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Chris Brown Gets His Ass Kicked By Drake And Tony Parker Gets Glass In His Retina

Chris Brown gets his ass kicked by Drake and Tony Parkers gets hurt in the process.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Drake punching Chris Brown feels right, but Tony Parker getting into it is so random.

The fight went down two nights ago at Club Wip. Chris Brown and Drake have reportdely had beef ever since Rihanna cheated on Chris Brown with Drake back in the day. Well, Chris felt like putting all the drama behind him the other night and decided to send Drake a bottle at the club as a peace offering. Drake wasn’t having any of that and reportedly sent the bottle back to Brown with a note that read, “I’m f*cking the love of your life. Deal with it.” Ouch!

Needless to say, that got things popping. Next thing anyone knew, Brown charged at Drake. Drake must have been expecting it, because he beat the crap out of Brown. Reportdely, Drake popped him a couple times right in the face and Brown was bleading all over the place. As this was all going down both entertainers’ entourages got involved and bottles started flying.

In the middle of all the flying bottles and bruised million dollar egos (namely Brown’s), Tony Parker (our favorite Frenchmen) caught a piece of broken glass in his eye. Enchante is right. It was reported this morning that Parker has retina damage, but that it is not too serious. Don’t ask me how retina damage can be anything but serious, but that’s was Parker’s camp is saying. More to follow.

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Photo Credit: AP NEWS

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