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Kris Humphries Out Swims Michael Phelps

Kris Humphries Out Swims Michael Phelps

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s amazing, but true. Humphries used to be a nationally ranked swimmer.

It’s true. Kris Humphries used to be quite the swimmer. When he and Michael Phelps were just 10-years old Humphries was the #1 swimmer in the world and Michael Phelps was #2. 

Humphries claims he had such massive success in swimming at a young age that it got boring. He discovered basketball about this time and the rest is history. The question is whether Kim Kardashian would have found him such a catch if he was wearing those skimpy little speedos and swimming laps and not wearing sagging shorts and throwing down dunks.

Looks like Phelps might be lucky this NBA forward decided to switch sports, although it’s truly difficult to picture Humphries in the pool at this point. Who knows, maybe we could be expecting a benefit swim-off in the future?

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