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Top 10 List of Celebrities Vanessa Bryant Won’t Date

Top 10 List of Celebrities Vanessa Bryant Won’t Date

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: She’s a picky picky lady.

Top 10 List of Celebrities Vanessa Bryant Won’t Date

We know Vanessa and Kobe have been trying to save their marriage this summer, but if she does ever become single it looks like she’ll be on tough woman to keep happy. She made it very clear recently that she won’t just date any old famous celebrity. Vanessa recently stated in an interview, “I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships. If you’re sacrificing time away from myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year.”

With this in mind, here’s a quick list of celebrities that don’t have a chance with Vanessa should she should soon be single. Everyone on this list is a Who’s Who of secondp lace finishers, silver medal winners, and non-championship-winners. We’ll admit some of the guys on this list are pretty old, one’s even dead, but they all have one thing in common; none have a chance in hell with Vanessa.

#10 Charles Barkley

#9 Carmelo Anthony

#8 Barry Sanders (Hall of Fame Running Back)

#7 Barry Bonds (All Time Home Run Leader)

#6 Mike Piazza

#5 Ted Williams (MLB Legned with Red Sox)

#4 Richard “Pee Wee” Kirkland (Streetball Legend)

#3 Yohan Blake (silver medal to Usain Bolt)

#2. Greg Norman (Famous Golfer that never won a Major)

#1. Bill Buckner (Red Sox first basemen with infamous error that cost Boston the 1986 World Series)

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