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Dwight Howard Teaches Ellen How To “Dougie”

It always looks awkward to see a tall person dance.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Watching Dwight Howard dance is no exception.


Howard stopped by Ellen Degeneres’ show recently and the topic of the "Dougie" came up. Howard was quick to get up and lead Ellen through an impromptu lesson. Surprisingly though, Ellen didn’t look as though she really took to the dance, which is only surprising because of her infamous dance segment on every show, uh, or so "I’ve heard."

The dancing almost distracts from those nerdy black rimmed "Urkel" glasses his wearing- has that trend past yet, please? And speaking of trends that have run their course- the Dougie, really? What did they do for a follow-up, the "Stanky Leg"?

As a Lakers fan though, I’d be more worried about watching him throw out his back doing something so retarded. Or, was maybe the back injury he suffered in Orlando last year just another way to get dealt out of Florida? Either way, the segment was hard to watch.

Speaking of the back injury and his current rehab schedule, yesterday Howard appeared at the Lakers practice and looked surprisingly healthy, performing several moves that we haven’t seen for months. Even though it’s been confirmed he will miss the first preseason game, it doesn’t appear that any regular season time is in jeopardy.  Check the video here.

For all the hate that Howard caught throughout the season last year, it was quietly one of his best seasons ever, even with a bad back, a coach he disliked in a town he disliked even more. His 14.5 rpg led the league and was a career high. He played the most minutes per game of his career and set a career high in assists per game. HIs 20.6 ppg average was the fourth time in his eight year career that he averaged over 20 points per game.

If Howard’s back is "back" to normal, the Lakers may just find themselves "back" in the NBA Finals again. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  

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